Personal Financial Planning Principles, Information and Ideas

I have created Towards Prosperity because I believe that most of us would wish to enjoy a prosperous life and in so doing bring prosperity to our loved ones as well.

So here you will find personal financial planning information and ideas to help you do just that, all freely provided.

I fully appreciate that there is more to living a prosperous life that having enough money but there are others who can point you in the right direction in terms of your physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Furthermore. I believe that the recent pandemic has shown us, if we didn’t realise before, that we are all very much dependent on others for our wellbeing and that most certainly includes our financial wellbeing as well.

Arthur Childs

The purpose of Towards Prosperity is to provide personal financial planning principles, information and ideas without cost

In fact the more our community can prosper the more chance we have of moving in the same direction.

The Old Testament prophet Zechariah spoke of God’s blessing for his people when he said ‘My towns will again overflow with prosperity’. That should be our desire for our communities as we seek to live more prosperous lives among them.

My aim is that this website will not just provide information; the internet is overflowing with that already. My aim is to change lives, and dare I say it, to impart wisdom from my lifelong experience in personal financial advising and planning. Lessons learned from my many mistakes as well as my successes.

The Achilles heal of any investment plan is that our health may fail and prevent us from earning the money we need to achieve our goals. Our early death will also make a mess of any plans we had for our family. I will show you the various types of protection available and the benefits and disadvantages of each.

It is not difficult to invest successfully once you have built up sufficient capital and you have a process in place. However, it is not so easy to accumulate a reasonable capital sum in the first place. I will show you what is required to get that first all-important capital together.

Yes I know pensions can be boring. Think in terms of building a fund of capital that is worth more than your home and from which you can withdraw income and lump sums and it gets a bit more interesting. I will show you how various pension schemes work.

There is no point achieving good growth on your investments if you have to give more than you need to HMRC.  I am talking about genuine HMRC approved tax saving methods here, not tax evasion or avoidance.  You will find it hard to achieve good returns against the headwind of unnecessary tax charges.

If you are serious about moving Towards Prosperity then I hope you will bookmark this website and keeping coming back to gain more insight as this project expands. And please tell your friends as this cannot simply be a personal journey. You are welcome to register to receive my blog if regular reminders will help you.