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Ethical Investments. 'Ethical', 'green', 'environmental' and ';socially responsible' funds tend to be referred to under the generic name of ethical funds

Ethical research organisations can provide you with a wealth of information. You may be interested in reading more about ethical investments than I can provide within the scope of this website. I have therefore included a list of ethical research organisations, ethical banks and organisations encouraging an ethical lifestyle.  The list is far from comprehensive but will help you move beyond what I have written here should you wish to do so.

Ethical Research Organisations

The Ethical Investment Research Service (EIRIS) was launched in 1983 to provide information for ethical investors and research ethical issues.

Your Ethical Money – an initiative of Vigeo Eiris, is an independent, non-profit resource on ethical money.

The UK Social Investment Forum Is a membership organisation for those in the finance industry committed to growing sustainable and responsible finance in the UK. Its aim is to inform, influence and connect UK finance, policymakers and the public.

The Ethical Investment Association – is a separate chapter of UKSIF for financial advisers.  They provide support to advisers keen to offer green and ethical investment advice to their clients.  The EIA was started by financial advisers in 1998 with the goal of developing green and ethical investment in the UK and to share ideas about incorporating green and ethical investment into the financial advice process. 

Ethical Performance – is published by Dunstans Publishing Limited which was formed in March 1999, by founder, Alastair Townley.  The purpose of Ethical Performance is to provide news and analysis on issues and trends in corporate social responsibility.  Originally established in the UK market, it now provides information for companies, investors, professional service organisations and institutions worldwide.

The Corporate Social Responsibility Newswire – is a digital media platform for the latest news, views and reports in corporate social responsibility and sustainability.

Ethical Screening – has been giving critical insights into organisations that traditional financial metrics cannot provide since 1998. They help responsible investors align their investment strategies and principles through client-focused research and analysis.

The European Sustainable Investment Forum – is a pan-European network and think-tank whose mission is to develop sustainability through European financial markets.  Member Affiliates of Eurosif include institutional investors, financial service providers, academic institutes, research associations, trade unions and NGO’s.

Ethical Banking

For your ethical banking needs you could look at:

Co-operatve Bank

Triodos Bank

Ecology Building Society

Organisations encouraging an ethical lifestyle

Blue & Green Tomorrow – wants to help grow businesses that balance the needs of the planet, its people and prosperity. 

The Ecumenical Council for Corporate Responsibility – is a church-based investor coalition, registered charity and membership organisation.  ECCR leads and collaborates with others in advocacy and awareness raising on issues of business, human rights and environmental stewardship.

Green Christian – was formed in 1981 when the vision was to share green insights with Christians and Christian insights with the green movement.

Eco Church – enables churches to complete an online Eco Survey about how they are caring for God’s earth in different areas of their life and work. The answers a church provides will collect points towards an Eco Church Award.

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